What age to start dance lessons

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What age to start dance lessons

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How old does my child have to be to start dance classes?
Dance classes are best started when a child is 3 years old. The number one reason is because children at this age are normally toilet trained. By three, most children are more confident, independent and able to be separate from their parents and take direction from someone else.
Children who study dance are also known to perform better academically in school because they are exposed to different elements in a dance class (1). They are used to memorizing things, taking directions, and thinking creatively. They learn that they will have to practice to master steps and learn a routine. Literacy, memory and creativity are all key parts of dance class. Another wonderful trait that most toddlers aren’t exactly renowned for is: patience!
Classes for toddlers focus on creativity. It allows them to work off steam by leaping like a deer, hopping like a frog, making butterflies with their legs and blooming like flowers. This encourages them to be more comfortable in social settings by sharing emotions, feelings, and movement.
Of course, anyone over three can start dance. Dance is a fun activity for both the body and the mind. It improves balance, flexibility and posture. Studies have found that dancing can reduce stress, depression and anxiety (2); build self-esteem; provide cardiovascular activity. That makes dance for your heart and bones! May each wonderful child find years of enjoyment through dance!

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